Don’t bring weapons to school

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“What’s wrong?”

I don’t wanna write you another song,

because it will only feel very wrong.

Flowers and chocolates would be asking too much

And you’ll feel pressured and stressed by such.

“What’s wrong?” You’re always asking,

Aren’t you tired of not listening?

All these things for someone you love ,

Must I pray for, beyond the skies above?

I thought that you really love me

So giving me what I ask is easy,

But why does it seem like a burden to you,

To make some of my wishes come true?

Simple things and requests to make me and you happy,

Is it such a heavy burden to carry?

Things that show how much you love and care,

I wish didn’t give you so much scare.

I wrote this letter and poem but I didn’t feel sorry,

Because I’ve agonized on the same hundredth apology

But I don’t believe that I have done wrong,

Because all I’ve asked are things to make this relationship strong.

I honestly don’t know what to do.

Can we ever get our love through?

I wish you’ll help me fix all this mess

And not end up loving me less.

Now I hope you understand my point of view

And you’ll stop being angry at me too.

To prevent everything in us to fall apart,

please give me an answer that will not break my heart.

Copyright Star Ashley Cruz

Nov. 22,2014


“Walking Anarchy (Wayward daughter)”

You have driven me down the mud,
I pray for your destruction by my God.
Upon yourselves, you have brought this,
Anarchy, deceit and death in my list.

Indeed you have twisted my kindness,
Now I wallow in this very madness.
If only I can shed your blood.
For all the good you’ve shown is fraud.

Die!Die!Die! Let hell swallow you up,
Be in the devil’s drinking cup.
Forever you will die in torment and torture
And I drank it all, all of it, the only cure.

I want to see your skin ripped apart,
Feed your organs to the dogs and smash your heart,
You and yur family to die infront of your eyes,
For you are filthy, all of you are lies.

My Father will forgive me though I have sinned.
He knows everything that he has also seen,
That you are all evil and have fed me,
that same medicine, but I am not worthy.

I will be cleansed once again,
I’ll be back to my normal self by then.
But all of you would be annihilated by that time
For humiliating me is an unforgivable crime.

I am now the walking anarchy,
Only the Christ can ever save me
For I knowHe loves his wayward daughter,
Even at times she loses her laughter.

Copyright Star Ashley Cruz
November 8 2014

The thoughts inside my head


It’s always a surprising mystery

When bad things happen to me.

I know it’s normal but I don’t understand

Why it always felt like I’m sinking on quicksand.

Is life always going to be this way?

Because I feel like dying everyday.

God, I want to know your plans for me

Please shed some light on this mystery.

You are perfect so why can’t I fully trust you?

I’m selfish and there are things that I’d rather do.

I often don’t understand the thoughts inside my head.

This is why I always thought I’m better off dead.

I’m so frustrated, can’t you just give me everything?

But I’ll never be contented, nothing’s ever satisfying.

I know some of them are either realistic or insane.

Lord please heal me from this pain.

I’m not sure if the enemy is the devil or myself,

That’s why I am in desperate need of your help.

Because the solution is always unknown to me

Yet I know it’s you and I want it to be.

Copyright Star Ashley Cruz

October 28 2017