Someone like me

Rich or poor; saint or sinner, God loves us all the same.

He gave his Son to die for all, so we’ll be free from guilt and shame.

How can he love someone like me, who drowned herself in selfish melancholy?

If he can love someone like me, he can definitely love anybody.

July 25, 2017

Copy right Star Ashley Cruz


Passing Phases

I want to ask God why, why, why

Bad things happen no matter how hard I try.

But it’s not God’s fault why my life is like this,

I can’t wait to be in his promised bliss.

It’s not his fault that evil, pain and sorrow is everywhere,

It’s very much out of his character not to care.

But my future still troubles me-my fear of the unknown,

For my possessions, treasures and comfort zone is not my own.

I want to fully trust you but my human limitations hinder me.

If only you’d take hard times away but you’re not a genie.

My deficiencies are preventing me from putting you in my mind first.

Saturate me in your living water so that I’ll never thirst.

I want to honor you but with my problems, I can’t.

My anger and frustration, I don’t know where else to vent.

My prayers are more complaints and lesser praises

So I pray that my troubles are all passing phases.

Copyright Star Ashley Cruz

June  12 2017