Inspired from watching the Cardcaptor Sakura clear card arc prologue OVA 🙂



Cardcaptor Sakura prologue

Faulty little creation

Funny how I used to run away

From anything the Bible has to say.

But now it became my basis for everything

And its promises made my life worth living.

This doesn’t mean my life is full of perfection,

I am still a faulty little creation.

For sometimes I catch a glimpse of my ghostly past.

My feet gets caught up and I couldn’t run fast.

Those are the times I couldn’t escape from my sin.

Then I realized that they were living from within.

I felt disgusted and ashamed that I wanted to die.

I’ll always fall short and sin no matter how hard I try.

Angry, because I could not reach my own perfectly created standard.

Frustrated from working hard to get what I want but still ending up haggard.

I give up and cry to God for help with my giant ordeals.

Then comes great comfort and peace, His grace refills.

I can never fully understand how he can love someone like me,

Who’s an evil, self-centered walking tragedy

Going through the scorching desert heat of life’s constant hardships.

But God’s the oasis that can hold an entire fleet of ships.

Copyright Star Ashley Cruz

September 24 2017



On the edge

I think I already have zero drive,

I no longer enjoy being alive.

Everyday I don’t feel or see my future

I have no time or money for endless pleasure.

People who don’t know God are drowning in luxury,

Yet the opposite is what’s happening to me.

Inconvenience, acrimony and frustration,

I hope this won’t lead me to depression.

My mind is always on the edge,

Not to kill anybody is my pledge.

But I’m so tired of pretending to be happy,

It makes me want to stab everybody.

I know I’m blessed but I still feel half empty,

For good things are less and the bad is plenty.

Don’t leave me God, in my time of need,

In my prayers I need you to heed.

Copyright Star Ashley Cruz

August 24 2017dlks