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Summarizing myself with words that are to “describe” me cannot really be fathomed 100%. Talk is cheap and therefore all that I say can either be meaningful or meaningless to you. ย But words can be powerful. However, they hold no power to what is true. ย I write what I want and I do what I ย want. Did I come too strong? In a literary sense, I suppose I am bold. (Pun intended.)


What is this about?

Myself. Simply about myself.

My dedication, my view and my perspective in life. I try to honor God with the gifts he bestowed upon me.



Who am I?

I think I’ve provided too much information already. Just explore my pages to see fragments of my individuality.





What’s my purpose?

ย I want ย to share what’s on my mind, heart, body and soul. And I hope ย to God it would be helpful to any reader. Warning: some of it are silly and some are just dead serious.

Can I inspire you? Encourage you? Yes, I can and I want to!


Thank you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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