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His perfect child

I wonder what joy God has in store for me,

For right now, I’m so blinded by my misery.

My soul so dark and heart so cold,

I’m not that good, so I’ve been told.

I don’t know where else should I go,

It feels like only death can end sorrow.

But God is good, so there is hope

In this life, He will help me cope.

I always pray to be his perfect child,

But my evil desires are not really mild.

God is definitely a never-ending mystery.

I can’t fully grasp how he can love someone like me.

How can he love a wicked mind like mine,

That thinks nothing in this life will ever be fine?

I’m so thankful I cry a river of tears,

Help me O Lord to overcome all my fears.

Copyright Star Ashley Cruz

July 30, 2017




★Born again Christian ★BS Tourism Graduate ★Artist ★Musician ★Poet/Writer ★Bookworm ★Japanophile ★Choleric/Melancholic #LittleBlackStar

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