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Savoring God’s goodness

Failure. It’s the exact opposite of success. Nobody wants failure, right? But I believe that one cannot experience success without failing first. Success is determined by the weight of the failure.

No one really gets encouraged by stories of failures. Normally people don’t really talk about personal failures but here I am doing the exact opposite! Like everyone, I too failed on several occasions that made me question my own credibility. There are also times that my failures in life drowned me in misery. My perpetual failure was getting hold of my sanity. But then I realized that in this life, things like these really happen. The only way to cope up with it was to trust God.

For the Lord will be your confidence, and will keep your foot from being caught. – Proverbs 3:26

God knows us best. He loves us no matter what. If our foot is caught and caused us to fall down, God is there to help us up. Just as a father would help his young child learn how to walk. God too is our Father. He wants to lead us to righteousness.

Failure is like the food we eat – It’s not always the same. If it doesn’t taste good, we can ask God to cook for us, and savor the goodness he served for us.



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One thought on “Savoring God’s goodness

  1. Thank you for being transparent about failure. It is hard but necessary. Failure is God’s learning lab for us. May God use our failures (mine are too numerous to contemplate) to bring us closer to Him. Amen.


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