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Beauty – an insult?

beauty is not always an advantage.

sometimes it is a form of insult when people see this quality as means for “selling” you or “marketing” you for their own personal gain.

This predicament of course will prevail over the other substantial qualities you have as a truly beautiful person. they neglect what is truly important, your intellect, perspective and psyche.

— All this when I was treated as an object of beauty. Jarring isn’t it, that I am insulted?



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One thought on “Beauty – an insult?

  1. True beauty derives from the Creator of life. From the truth that each of us are made in His likeness, that which is incomparable in the universe. From the lasting uniqueness of the personal soul. Outer “beauty” is temporary, is subject to fickle & imperfect standards, and fades in the view of culture all too quickly. I’ll go with God on this one…

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