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I’m nothing

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R.I.P. (Radical. Immortal. Poetry.)

There are so much things I fear,
I lose myself and what I hold dear.
So many of life’s difficulties,
Drown me into a pool of uncertainties.

What is it? What will now become of me?
If only the forbidden fruit remained on the tree.
Then maybe I would never have been born
In a world of anguish, sadness and scorn.

The society would never understand me at all,
They would push their ideas until I fall
Into their trap, their minds are vastly different,
They can’t see or hear me, they’re incoherent.

Lord, I’m crying, come to my aid,
Don’t let your promises ever fade.

Life’s inconveniences are taking hold of my feet,

Please don’t let me die in defeat.

Someone intercede for me, anyone out there?

 Let me know if you actually care.

In my life, I feel like I haven’t established anything.

I’m losing my sense if purpose, feels like I’m nothing.

Written July 14 2016
Copyright Star Ashley Cruz



★Born again Christian ★BS Tourism Graduate ★Artist ★Musician ★Poet/Writer ★Bookworm ★Japanophile ★Choleric/Melancholic #LittleBlackStar

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