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What the Bible really say about Homosexuality

What the Bible really say about Homosexuality

Many people, sadly, mistake the Scriptures as a form of condemnation to homosexuals, gays, lesbians, transgenders. Even Christians unfortunately see it that way sometimes. But as Christians, we are called to love others as Christ loved us, his people.

Let us remember that when Christ died for us, it meant for ALL of us. This destroys all barriers of culture, and ethnicity. Even religion itself. Think about it, As a person accepts Christ, he becomes  a Christian – a follower of Christ. The fact that we become “Born again” means we are a new person because from death, we now have life because of Christ. Every person has a chance!

I think God wants me to talk about this because I have known many people who are gay . They are either resentful or afraid of me because I’m a Christian! Also, I have relatives who are also homosexuals. But that fact did not change how I treated and loved them. For instance, I have a gay colleague from my previous work. I always prayed for him and whenever he asks me about my Christian view regarding homosexuality, I tell him about my perspective in a manner that he will understand and feel reassured. I tell him about the truth with love! I tell him about God’s love, grace, and power. I tell him about the Gospel.

When it comes to “accepting them as they are,” That’s an entirely different matter because in reality, for some of them, accepting means letting them do what they want freely. This is a wrong concept of acceptance. When we “accept” them, it means we are to love them, but of course, sin is sin. We do not tolerate any form of perversion. Remember, love is not perverse. The reason we always try to tell them about this is because we want to prevent them from sinning. Let’s put it this way, like a father loves his child, he wants them to know what is right from wrong. A parent loves his children that is why discipline is necessary to correct wrong doings.

Remember also that the grace of God and the liberty He has given us is not for the freedom to abuse his grace and do what we want. This is applicable to any sin. Be reminded that we have crossed death to life. Let’s not go back to being dead.

As a Christian, let’s be mindful of how we talk and treat these people who are very sensitive with this topic.  Let’s speak the truth in love, as the Bible say. 🙂 Let us show them that we are not judgmental or self-righteous. Let us show them we are not “homophobic.” Let us show them the love Christ has for all ❤

Supporting verses 🙂



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