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Reasons the ignorant people should not judge my professional life

Reasons the ignorant people should not judge my professional life

Why must you be so judgmental towards me?

Do I judge you about your lifestyle? The dumb choices and decisions you make? (whoops!)

Here are some arguments I have that clearly show I have strong point and therefore you cannot judge me with your poor mentality. These are the reasons why I leave the work and jobs that I had before. (I will not name them though. Because I have a good reputation even though I have resigned.)

  • I left this company because I FAILED the evaluation. Of course I was compelled to leave. But that’s not all, I was expecting to pass because the initial evaluation clearly stated that I was passing. But of course, my supervisor, whom I noticed is always angry with me even on occasions I just greeted her “good morning.” See? now that’s a professional. A true supervisor will detest you for no reason. Amazing.
  • I left this job too because there is no break time. I could not eat in the 8 working hours. I had to secretly stuff myself with bread just to get through the whole day. I stand all day with heels that make you wish you were a man instead,  greet guests, clients and made sure they are accommodated well. On top of that, deal with the other departments’ heads. (Who are always hot headed and on the edge about everything!)
  • I left this job even though I actually enjoyed it because I was forced to do other job functions that were not mine. I was part of the office yet my supervisor always, always, always, asks me to go out of the office to do her field work. And when it took me long outside to finish the task, she’d ask me where I was and why I haven’t returned in the office! Of course I was not finished yet! Sometimes when I am forced to return to the office when it was already time to go home, there are piles of  paper works that needed to be finished. There are times that I had to go straight home instead of going back to the office because the field work took longer than expected. The next day, my supervisor would be skeptical of my reason for going straight home.

I’m not Cinderella though it feels like it. I just hope and pray the people around me such as my relatives and acquaintances , would stop being like the step sisters.

Currently, I am doing my freelance writing career. It’s intellectually fulfilling, but not so financially. But how can I look for another work if I don’t even have the means yet? I need to keep writing to earn the money that I’ll use for job hunting!

So think about that, I’m addressing this to those ignorant, cynical, and judgmental fools close to me. If you are so concerned about the welfare of yours truly, why not stop judging me and help me instead?



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