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Wall of fear

I can’t help but worry about the future,

For I’m a thought-tormented creature,

and is always longing to be with you,

but circumstances won’t permit us two.

the uncertainty of our relationship causes me to be blue,

It seems that life’s hardships are stuck to us like glue,

all I want is us bringing glory to God together as a team,

someday, I hope it won’t just remain to be a dream.

I know worrying too much about our tomorrow

will cause us both a big amount of sorrow,

it’s just that I thought of life’s sad reality,

because I just want to avoid any casualty.

Prove to me that you’ll always Stay by my side,

for it will dissolve the wall of fear building up inside.

then maybe our life would be less complicated,

and we can save and continue the love that we’ve created.

Feb. 25 2015

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