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There’s hope

A myriad of poems that I wrote for you

Will not stop sadness from coming through,

For my words can’t reach the depths of my pain,

But if I didn’t write, I’d die insane.

But there’s a hope thanks to my christianity,

That I’ll be with you in eternity.

How beautiful, the gift from my heavenly father,

A new life to be lived happily ever after.

I believe the journey doesn’t stop here

In this great story, there’s no need to fear,

For I don’t think there’s ever an ending,

Only a joyful middle and beginning.

April 2 2015

R.I.P. (Radical. Immortal. Poetry.)

see my full book Radical.Immortal.Poetry (RIP)



★Born again Christian ★BS Tourism Graduate ★Artist ★Musician ★Poet/Writer ★Bookworm ★Japanophile ★Choleric/Melancholic #LittleBlackStar

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