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Only one (you)

I’ve never opened up myself to anyone else,

And this is what my heart tells,

That in my life, I don’t ever want to lose you,

Because I gave too much, I might lose myself too.

You’re the only person I can trust,

And being with you is a must.

No one else can make me feel this way,

I want to wake up beside you everyday.

You’re the only one I always want to see,

Maybe we’re simply meant to be,

I believe there can only be one “you”,

Who can love me forever so true.

Dec. 8 2014

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★Born again Christian ★BS Tourism Graduate ★Artist ★Musician ★Poet/Writer ★Bookworm ★Japanophile ★Choleric/Melancholic #LittleBlackStar

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