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One out of ten

Detached from reality, I would seem.
Every time I’m together with him.
It seems like I’m living a dream,
Everywhere is bright, nothing is dim.

I love you more than a brother or a friend,
A helping hand for me, you always lend.
My broken heart which only you have mend
Allowed my selfishness to finally bend.

Thank you for making me believe again
That it’s not the same with every men.
You are definitely one out of ten
Who can make me happy. I know you can.

June 3 2016 written.
Dedicated to Drew.

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★Born again Christian ★BS Tourism Graduate ★Artist ★Musician ★Poet/Writer ★Bookworm ★Japanophile ★Choleric/Melancholic #LittleBlackStar

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