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Once upon a whim (part 2)

Once upon a whim,
I have another dream.
Maybe because I’m cynical,
That’s why I tend to be critical,

Sometimes I’d wish we’ve never met,
So different goals, I can set.
Instead of being stuck to you like glue,
Given some love, uncertain if true.

Sometimes I love you, sometimes I don’t.
Pursuing these mixed feelings, I won’t.
I wish you’ll just be my perfect prince,
So dirt in our memories, I don’t have to rinse.

If only you love me more than anything else.
That’s what my selfish heart tells.
Because everytime you leave me alone,
I desire to give somebody else your throne.

If you were a woman, you’ll comprehend me,
Then you’ll treat me less miserably,
You’ll be clingy and drown in your own quicksand,
Maybe by then you’ll truly understand.

Peace and serenity seems not so close to mw
And misery seems to enjoy my company.
I remember the last time I was slightly happy
Was once upon this capricious fancy.

Jan. 18 2015

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