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Sakura is back

Finally! CLAMP has released the latest arc of Cardcaptor Sakura!

I myself have been a fan since  was around 8-9 years old. Presently, I’m now 23. When the anime series started I was a little girl. Now the Arc has been released and I’m an adult. (sort of.) This is such a great and amazing news to all shoujo anime and manga fans out there!

The first chapter is released early this June. It’s about Sakura graduating elementary and is now entering middle school. (Wow, that took more than ten years in our timeline!)

This manga setting is now aligned with us! Sakura now has a mobile phone similar to an iphone; she video chats with Eriol using her phone, and etc.

the story is also great because it starts off with the same routine of Sakura getting up for school, eating breakfast with her dad and her older brother, Touya. As she goes to school she bumps into Shaoran who is finally back from Hong kong! (In the 2nd movie of CCS, He decides to go back to HK, his homeland.)

They were so happy to finally be together after a long period of time and will head for school together. They also ran into Tomoyo, Sakura’s bestfriend who video tapes Sakura and Shaoran hugging after seeing each other. ❤

Anyway, you’ll have to read the manga for yourself lest I spoil you. but I’m gonna tell this anyway: It’s a total cliff hanger! 🙂 But the good news is some of my sources say that the next chapter will be released hopefully in July 🙂







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