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Never ending


dedicated to my dearest Drew berry
Written last feb. 6 2015

I’m not sure if this sounds naive
But I hope and pray that we’ll achieve
A lifetime of love spent together,
It’s something that will surpass forever.

I know romance stands nothing against reality
And it seems like I’m living in a fantasy.
But as long as I’m lying in your arms,
All I’m bound to hear is music, even if they’re alarms.

I know these dreams and whims are dust
But I hope our love will not rust.
Even though we live here in this rotting earth
And one day we’ll return to its dirt.

All these thoughts made me realize
That all relationships can be criticized
But when people look at us they’ll see
That we stand united you and me.

I don’t want our love to ever end,
‘I love you’ is a message I’ll repeatedly send.
Every second of our lives should be the beginning
Of another love story that’s never ending.

Let’s make the best of what’s here and now,
And together get through this life somehow.
Hold me dear, like you’ll never let go
And repeat everything in this poem tomorrow.

excerpt from one of my books. Radical.Immortal.Poetry. (R.I.P.)



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