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A total rock star in musical arts, yours truly

okay, so maybe I was a little overboard back there on the “rockstar” thing. more like a bedroom rockstar or a garage band type. ha!

so in the art of music, yours truly is very active as well!
I have been in a all-girl-rock band when I was in college. we were called the Trez mariaz.

Leah – drums
Ban – bass
Me – lead or rhythm and vocals

our drummer has more professional experience when it comes to band life because she doesn’t only do gigs for fun but also make it out s a living back then. while me, I was sort of an amateur who had musical background because my dad and his family were musicians and singers. so I sorta have a musical bloodline. also, i used to be in the school choir. and lastly, our bassist, well… has no music related experience whatsoever but nonetheless were taught by our leader to play bass. after all she does love to rock anyway… and presto, you get the picture. we became a band!

but presently since we are busy with our lives, I have decided to continue my musical en devour by means of writing songs, making song covers and etc. the setting is my bedroom-turned-studio hence the term “bedroom rockstar”

well, i guess that concludes my lame attempt of rockstardom.

this is me on my youtube channel :
here’s some sample covers.

if you have nothing better to do in life, you can subscribe to me.

youtube photo youtube star_zpstlw2kzfh.png



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