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Benefits of prayer and faith in times of stress

In terms of meditation, prayer can also help relieve stress. Faith can help in times of trouble. A religious person thinks positively due to their faith in God as compared to an average person who does not practice religion. Religion and faith provide social support from the church community and so they feel welcomed, accepted and loved. This improves thinking and promotes positivism. Having religion allows people to bond through fellowship and encourages security in their belief system that gives an individual a feeling of being part of something big, important and eternal.This also promotes the mentality that having fellow believers as family that supports and helps you in your time of need. In a situation like such, a person’s mind would be occupied with good things that there’ll be no room for stress! Another thing is that religion allows you to recognize a relationship with a supreme, powerful and holy being – God. He serves as the “rock” and hope for any person. Having such a strong foundation can allow the individual to feel divine protection and everlasting power from their faith in God. Faith gives you hope – the ultimate stress reducer. What a person believes determines how they behave. And believing in a very secure and strong structure helps in dealing with something as evanescent as stress. first published in my wattpad acccount



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