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Honoring our fathers

Happy father’s day to all dads! happy Father’s day to our heavenly father too! ❤

Above is a picture of my beloved daddy. He may be gone now but still, I’m gonna honor him with my life. After all, honoring our parents is part of God’s commandment.

But what if your parents are not honorable? still, we are called to honor them so you must do it. Think about it, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them. So thank them for your life.

Obedience delayed is disobedience. We must obey them too, but not blindly. when we are able to discern what is right from wrong, then that helps in honoring them.

But I’m so blessed because my dad is the best! every child’s father is the best, right? But for me, He taught me how to love without words, and sometimes pain that is inevitable.

He may have loved me ever so faithfully but he was the one who has hurt me the most. At age 16 he left me. He left us. Truly, the person you love  can hurt you the most. But then again, death is inevitable. It’s not his fault. At least I still have my heavenly father.

Though Father’s day saddens me every year, it also reminds me of how blessed I was to have an earthly father like him.

Happy father’s day to my dad. I’ll never get tired writing poems for you every time I suppress my tears.



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