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Being a writer

Being a writer

being a writer is not a walk in the park.

writing requires so much wisdom, research and knowledge.

writing is not just writing blogs and reviews. it can also be about producing high quality articles. And when I say “high quality”, I meant minimum to no mistakes at all in structure, grammar and accuracy of said article.

That’s just one of the many reasons why my freelance writing career should not be looked down upon.

Writing also takes a tremendous amount of thinking. You can’t just blurt out what pops in your head. you need to analyze information whether it’s appropriate, accurate, informative and relevant in your article. Not only must you inform ideas and analyze them, you should also check your sentence construction.

Another fact when it comes to writing is that, some companies buy your articles. therefore, the article you have written will be theirs. it is no longer yours. It’s as if you have given birth to a child that will be posted for adoption. (But this is not for all companies.)

see? being a writer is not that easy. I for one, found it difficult at first because i was a poet and novelist. these were out of hobbies and not in a professional manner. but because I loved writing, I knew that I could do it. In financial aspects of doing freelance writing, it’s not exactly a high paying career but it’s intellectually fulfilling.




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