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A filipino with a heart for Japan

The Japanese culture is pretty amazing. they’re so unique and full of creativity from the clothes they wear, the food they eat, and even the way they talk!

There are so many people from all around the world who adores the japanese culture. From “Anime” to “kawaii” and whatnot. Some of those people would include me, a Filipino.

I’ve always admired and adored the Japanese culture. I just love reading manga, watching anime and collecting “kawaii” items such as stationery and other merchandise from Sanrio. Having japanese merchandise is expensive but to me, it’s all worth it.

But what about Filipinos who can’t go to directly to Japan but wants kawaii merchandise? I have a solution for you. I can suggest you Kawaii PH. 🙂 It’s dedicated to selling items proudly made in the Philippines. purchasing items from them is made easy throgh their website

I just simply love their products! I’ve purchased various stickers and even a T-shirt from their self-made brands like mad tee party and little miss paint brush. Their products are 100% original and cool. Not only do they sell products they’ve made, they also sell products that actually came from Japan! I bought a Cardcaptor Sakura wand/key necklace from them which was around 400php. Personally, if you purchased from online it would’ve probably been more expensive. Luckily though, I bought that from their headquarters during a garage sale.



We all know that Japanese culture enthusiasts like cute stuff. Food and animals fall into that category. For instance, you are a cupcake lover, then having a cupcake mobile phone chain is something not surprising for you. Most of this type of kawaii usually are made with polymer clay. There are so many polymer clay artists in the social media to choose from but rarely found here in the Philippines, right?  That actually is one of the things that saddens me in this life 😦

Luckily, I discovered a really cool polymer clay artist here in the Philippines – the Pawlymeow clay charms! I discovered them via Instagram when I wanted to attend the Cat care Philippines bazaar 🙂 I viewed their IG page: @pawlymeowph and saw their really kawaii polymer clay crafts! Immediately, I fell in love.

To make the story short, I went to the bazaar and bought many items from them such as onigiri and choco chip cookie bookmarks; doughnut earrings; Spirited away earrings and more. They’re guaranteed cute and I felt happy every time I used them.

Thank you for reading my products and service review. I hope my blog has helped you in some way with your walk to Japanophile mania.




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